Time to get X-ray completed

Time from when an X-ray is ordered to when the X-ray is completed.

What do you see?

  • Are there any trends over time at the hospital where you work or would be most likely to visit?
  • Are there differences in the length of time between hospitals of the same type (e.g. Large Urban)?
  • Do some facilities have consistently faster or longer times than others?

Whether you’re a patient, provider, or health system administrator, thinking about why these differences might exist can start conversations and lead to solutions for improved quality of healthcare.

Compare patient volumes with this measure.

*Data courtesy of Alberta Health Services

Understanding “time to get X-ray completed”

When a patient in the emergency department requires an X-ray, after the X-ray is completed they must wait for the appropriate specialist doctor to review and interpret the results. The next steps for additional care are then determined. X-rays are common diagnostic tests that play a role in the total amount of time patients spend in the emergency department, which can also impact how long new emergency patients wait to see a doctor.
Results from May and June 2016 are not reported for the Northern Lights Regional Health Centre due to the forest fire that affected Fort McMurray and forced the closure of the Northern Lights Regional Health Centre.

The Health Quality Council of Alberta uses the Alberta Quality Matrix for Health as a way of organizing information and thinking around the complexity of the healthcare system. This measure can be used as input to assess the emergency department’s performance in these dimensions of quality:


Dimensions of Quality

  • Acceptability 
  • Accessibility 
  • Appropriateness 
  • Effectiveness 
  • Efficiency 
  • Safety