Welcome to Alberta’s go-to resource for reliable information about what patients experience with primary healthcare in our province. The Health Quality Council of Alberta (HQCA) believes reporting about primary healthcare, on things like patients’ completion of screening tests and consistent use of the same family doctor, are all important pieces of information that can lead to quality improvement and a better healthcare system in Alberta.


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Starting a conversation

What is primary healthcare? It is the first place people go for healthcare or wellness advice and programs, treatment of a health issue or injury, or to diagnose and manage a health condition. It includes all the services in your community that support the day-to-day health needs of you and your family through every stage of life, and is most commonly accessed through family doctors, nurse practitioners, or other team members like pharmacists, nurses, dietitians, etc. In Alberta, most primary healthcare is organized and delivered through Primary Care Networks (PCNs) and their member clinics.

Why is it important to share information about primary healthcare? Primary healthcare is the cornerstone for a high functioning healthcare system. Good quality primary healthcare is the foundation for a healthier Alberta.

The healthcare system is complex and interrelated. The information about primary healthcare on this website can start conversations that lead to improvement. For example, understanding how patients are using other areas of the healthcare system, like visits to the emergency department for minor conditions, and can inform us about things like how easy it is to access primary healthcare (visits to your family doctor’s office).

Our website features 15 interactive charts that are updated annually (once per year).  You can look at the information by Zone (the five Alberta Health Services geographic areas), or compare information between primary care networks.

  • Why do some primary care networks have very different results compared to others?
  • Why are there sometimes differences between the geographic Zones?
  • Are there successes we can celebrate, or opportunities to improve?

This website is about starting conversations between healthcare providers, decision-makers, and the public they serve.